You can help protect Missouri's lakes and rivers for future generations .

The Healthy Yards for Clear Streams program is an educational effort to help landowners and businesses become more environmentally responsible with lawn and landscape practices. Our goal is to promote lawn care practices that creating beautiful lawns and gardens while reducing unnecessary use of pesticides and fertilizers that may run off and contaminate local streams.

Our program has evolved from a similar effort started by the City of Columbia, called Show Me Yards and Neighborhoods. The concept started in Florida several years ago with training of homeowners to minimize polluted runoff from yards and other urban areas affecting the Everglades. Springfield, Missouri successfully adopted Show Me Yards and Neighborhoods three years ago in an effort to protect city drinking water and nearby Ozark streams.

Partners of the Healthy Yards for Clear Streams include University of Missouri Extension, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the City of Columbia, Missouri Department of Conservation, and Grow Native

The Healthy Yards for Clear Streams project was partially funded by a USDA-CSREES Regional IPM Grant and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Mini Grant.

Easy steps to consider for a more environmentally friendly lawn ..